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This is the first day of 2015. I really need to challenge myself to write more. I haven’t been feeling inspired and that is a sad thing. I have a lot of things to talk about in the future days.



What is this influx of niggas doing extra when interacting with me in a customer service setting? When I’m at work, I always get approached from the most obnoxious niggas in the history of my existence. Most recently, this dude came in and said, “you know what I came in here for” I said no and he started talking some ignorant shit. Had to get him out quickly. Then he was telling me what company he worked for, and I said oh ok. That wasn’t it though. He had to show me an email from the CFO, because he guessed that I thought he was making the shit up. Bruh, I believe you though. Not that serious.

This other dude asked me if I had a boyfriend. Um, da fuck? He offered to by me lunch at McDonald’s, but I politely declined. No way.

My Life in Retail (Sunday edition)

Yesterday, it was to be expected for someone to come in and try to steal something. After all, it was Sunday which means that there isn’t as much foot traffic that there would have been later on in the week. This dude comes in walking around with a fuckin blanket looking at shit. Someone approaches him and said that he didn’t know that the person was an associate. He then takes to items, but my co worker was able to retrieve one of them. I guess we walked out and through the item in the trash. Another customer ended up following him and flagging down the the police which ultimately ended in his arrest.


I was sitting here this morning (my day off) looking at what folks were conversing about on twitter like I always do when the discussion about tipping came up. There is always that stereotype that black people don’t tip, that that is not the case. Statistically, white men between ages 18-35 are the worst patrons ever. Anyways, someone posted some shit about black women being the worst, and that’s where I had to interject. The fact that this individual was Black is another issue. I’ll write about self hate later on in the day.

First of all, does it ever occur to people that perhaps Black women don’t tip because we get the worst service everywhere? I have gone to countless places and have gotten fucked up service. Whether it be at cpk and the server spills beverages on me and also service parties of white people before I get a table, to going to a particular Thai place (that I have been going to for years) and having my order of spring rolls given to the white folks who came after me, and them telling me that they ran out. Fuck that noise. Why should I have to sit there and get shitty ass service then give you a tip? Tip is not required. Granted, if the establishment is great, and the server is wonderful then I do tip. Sometimes even more than I’m supposed to. There was even a time where I was with white people and is was the only one who tipped, and the white server had the most perplexed look on her face, and of course I had gotten the worst service out of everybody at the table.

My Life in Retail

It’s story time. So today, this woman comes in crying talking about her dude stole her virgin mobile phone. I was like ok so you wanna disconnect it? She was like no and she wanted to leave it on so her dude would answer and bring it back. Then she says that she’s having a panic attack and to call the paramedic. So, I called 911 and told them that she was having a panic attack and she wanted to die and all this other shit. They said they were coming right away. Then she starts singing. This one Ashanti song came on and then “the greatest love of all” started. She sang the whole damn Whitney song, and this really tall white man was looking at her hella crazy. When the paramedic called back and said he was on his way, she pulls her crackpipe wrapped in a paper towel out and puts it on the floor. I see her do it and then she asked me to throw it away. By the time they paramedics come with the police, she’s sitting here with hella makeup on looking like Donatella Versace. They took her away, and I tell my manager about the crackpipe. We had to throw it away outside in a cup.

Bitches on Bart

You know what the fuck I hate? When bitches have never been on public transportation before and they fuck up the line resulting in you missing the train. Every fuckin morning, there is always a backwards ass bitch who doesn’t know how to fuckin buy a Bart ticket to go to San Francisco. I’m like bitch it is not that hard to put 4 dollars into the machine.

Today this obnoxious ass family was hella holding up the line cause they didn’t know how to buy mutilple tickets even though there is a button right there. I’m like, get the fuck out of the way please. I got this raw meat in my backpack to grill.

Fuck That Bitch Part 1

So, a lot of shit has happened over the past few weeks concerning someone I use to have a relationship… I decided that I no longer wanted her in any aspect of my life. There are many reasons for this shit:
1) she’s selfish
2) everything is on her time
3) she makes shit about her
4) she is insensitive

So on and so forth. Anyways, I went to go see her because she was in town. I thought that the day went ok. Days pass and begin to feel resentment. Here I am, working on being better than I was, and here she comes bringing the worst out of me. She invited me to go to dinner and I said I had something else to do. Fuck it. I didn’t want to go, because I don’t fucking like her new bitch, and I have no problem saying that.

The following with text messages going back and forth, she says that she still has feelings for me among other things. I entertain her revelation for a few days, and then I get this phone call saying that her new bitch read the whole conversation. I was told to prepare to apologize for what happened. I said fuck that and kept it moving. She kept saying that she disrespected her relationship, or whatever she calls that shit.

I told her to go live happily ever after with that bitch and leave me the fuck alone. Once again she makes it about her saying that she accepts not having a place in my life. Bitch says that if I fell in love with someone, that she would be happy for me. Bitch I don’t fucking care. I told her ass that I wasn’t going to her fictitious wedding or any of that shit. She says that whole “I love you but I’m not in love with you shit” I say go away. Like for real this time. Good I thought…

Fast forward to yesterday morning, bitch texts me and says that in the even of the sudden death of Robin Williams and the anniversary of my friend’s death (it’s been about 2 years) she wanted to see if I was talking to anybody about what I was going through. I had to cuss her the fuck out. How dare she. I just told her that I needed her to leave me the fuck alone for a while. She said it was much bigger than that, but I wasn’t biting. How the fuck you gonna say some shit like that to somebody while they’re at work? Fuck that shit. Then this bitch is clogging up my timeline posting ignorant shit about friendship and being there for people. Fuck you! I saw you three times in the past three years. Fuck your friendship! Keep that shit for your minions.

Shut Up White Boy

I went to get some chicken katsu today from Lawrence and this douchebag walks up and starts talking to Lawrence in Cantonese. Then this guy says “oh I’m just kidding, I love messing with Chinese people” and then he looks at me an says ” you didn’t think that was funny” I told this asshole that he wasn’t even Chinese and it’s not funny. I was too tired to entertain that shit anyway. Then he asks for a bowl of rice. He says it really slow as though Lawrence doesn’t speak English. Again he says, “oh I’m sorry u get carried away. I love messing with Chinese people” Fucking assholes. I went back to Lawrence after work and told him that I would have punched the guy, but I was on the clock.

This is why I don’t care for the presence of white people that much. They equate racism with jokes and comedy.

My Life in Retail Part III

Last Saturday, I decided that I was going to work in the morning as opposed to sleeping in, because I like to buy things and money is important to me. Anyways, this white woman with a fuckin iPhone 5s comes in and complains that her battery keeps draining. I told her it was because the screen brightness is turned all the way up and she’s connected to wifi for no reason. This bitch says to me, ” no that’s not true because I looked it up on line” first of all, fuck you and second, it’s was too early for that shit. She bored me with a conspiracy theory about how apple purposely makes weak batteries to upset people.

I tried to walk away from her, but she wanted to look at some fucking android phone talking about the screen is big for her to read kindle books. I was still not interested, because the bitch was rude. Then she told me that her Siri wasn’t working, and she used to talk feature on the android phone. I just wanted her ass to leave. After she went on about how shitty apple is, she said she was going to wait for the iPhone 6. I was just like bitch stop.

Pride 2014

I had just realised that I had not wrote about my experience at San Francisco pride this year. I’m going to start out by saying that this will be my last one for a variety of reasons: the main one being that it has gotten progressively more infiltrated by straight people and it’s almost something that I can compare the smithsonian zoo to. It’s always these suburban white folks who pose for pictures with drag queens and folks with costumes making this experience almost a gimmick.

First of all, considering the fact that the first pride was started by mostly trans women of color, it’s become completely disheartening to constantly be bombarded with hyper masculine images of white men. A majority of the population attending we’re basically twinks and the men who love them. The Asian and Black stages were super far from the main stage, and the crowd overall was obnoxious.

The festivities in the Castro were no better. There was just a bunch of straight dudes mad because women wasn’t fuckin with them. Mothafucka it’s pride what do you expect? The bar that I happened to go in wouldn’t let my best friend in because his ID was expired, but wanted to be slipped a 100 dollars to let it slide. Get the fuck out of here.

A drunk white man was trying to lean in on me and I had to push his ass off and walk away. He kept apologising and telling me that I was right. Another reason why I wanted to go home.

I’m getting to an age where this shit is no longer fun for me. I don’t need to be around millions of people in order to her drunk with my friends and talk shit.